Heliogen (NYSE:HLGN) Stock Price Up 3.3%

Shares of Heliogen, Inc. (NYSE:HLGNGet Rating) traded up 3.3% during trading on Thursday . The company traded as high as $3.16 and last traded at $3.10. 18,969 shares traded hands during trading, a decline of 98% from the average session volume of 770,275 shares. The stock had previously closed at $3.00.

The stock’s 50 day simple moving average is $3.76.

In related news, CEO William Gross acquired 13,124 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Monday, June 6th. The shares were bought at an average cost of $3.74 per share, for a total transaction of $49,083.76. Following the completion of the transaction, the chief executive officer now owns 1,602,612 shares in the company, valued at $5,993,768.88. The acquisition was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which can be accessed through this link. 8.70% of the stock is owned by corporate insiders.

Several large investors have recently modified their holdings of HLGN. Bank of America Corp DE lifted its position in shares of Heliogen by 159.9% during the 1st quarter. Bank of America Corp DE now owns 64,977 shares of the company’s stock valued at $341,000 after buying an additional 39,977 shares in the last quarter. Neuberger Berman Group LLC bought a new position in shares of Heliogen during the 1st quarter valued at approximately $1,638,000. Capital World Investors purchased a new position in Heliogen during the 1st quarter valued at $30,508,000. Polar Capital Holdings Plc purchased a new position in Heliogen during the 1st quarter valued at $199,000. Finally, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. purchased a new position in Heliogen during the 1st quarter valued at $395,000. Hedge funds and other institutional investors own 56.39% of the company’s stock.

About Heliogen (NYSE:HLGN)

Heliogen, Inc, a renewable energy technology company, develops an A.I.-enabled, concentrated solar power plant. It offers HelioHeat for the production of heat for use in industrial processes; HelioPower, a solution for power generation; and HelioFuel, a solution for hydrogen fuel production. The company was formerly known as Edison Microgrids, Inc and changed its name to Heliogen, Inc in November 2019.

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