Aeva Technologies Sees Unusually High Options Volume (NYSE:AEVA)

Aeva Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:AEVAGet Rating) saw unusually large options trading activity on Wednesday. Investors bought 8,749 put options on the company. This represents an increase of approximately 1,050% compared to the average daily volume of 761 put options.

Analysts Set New Price Targets

Separately, Piper Sandler increased their price target on shares of Aeva Technologies from $3.00 to $4.50 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a report on Thursday, August 4th.

Insiders Place Their Bets

In other Aeva Technologies news, CFO Saurabh Sinha sold 11,997 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Tuesday, September 13th. The shares were sold at an average price of $2.75, for a total transaction of $32,991.75. Following the completion of the transaction, the chief financial officer now owns 192,797 shares in the company, valued at approximately $530,191.75. The sale was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, which can be accessed through this link.

Institutional Trading of Aeva Technologies

A number of institutional investors and hedge funds have recently made changes to their positions in AEVA. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd acquired a new stake in Aeva Technologies in the 4th quarter valued at $37,000. Itau Unibanco Holding S.A. acquired a new stake in Aeva Technologies in the 4th quarter valued at $40,000. Quantbot Technologies LP acquired a new stake in Aeva Technologies in the 1st quarter valued at $35,000. MQS Management LLC acquired a new stake in Aeva Technologies in the 1st quarter valued at $51,000. Finally, Independent Advisor Alliance acquired a new stake in Aeva Technologies in the 2nd quarter valued at $41,000. 47.10% of the stock is currently owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Aeva Technologies Trading Down 4.8 %

NYSE:AEVA opened at $2.20 on Thursday. The firm has a 50-day moving average price of $3.28 and a two-hundred day moving average price of $3.42. Aeva Technologies has a twelve month low of $2.20 and a twelve month high of $10.75. The company has a market capitalization of $479.16 million, a P/E ratio of -3.73 and a beta of 0.90.

Aeva Technologies (NYSE:AEVAGet Rating) last released its quarterly earnings results on Wednesday, August 3rd. The company reported ($0.16) earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, hitting the consensus estimate of ($0.16). Aeva Technologies had a negative net margin of 1,407.47% and a negative return on equity of 27.32%. During the same quarter in the previous year, the company posted ($0.11) EPS. On average, equities research analysts predict that Aeva Technologies will post -0.69 earnings per share for the current year.

About Aeva Technologies

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Aeva Technologies, Inc, through its frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) sensing technology, designs a 4D LiDAR-on-chip that enables the adoption of LiDAR across various applications. from automated driving to consumer electronics, consumer health, industrial automation, and security application.

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