ABVC BioPharma, Inc. Forecasted to Earn FY2023 Earnings of ($0.20) Per Share (OTCMKTS:ABVC)

ABVC BioPharma, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ABVCGet Rating) – Equities researchers at Zacks Small Cap issued their FY2023 EPS estimates for shares of ABVC BioPharma in a report issued on Wednesday, January 18th. Zacks Small Cap analyst M. Marin expects that the company will earn ($0.20) per share for the year. The consensus estimate for ABVC BioPharma’s current full-year earnings is ($0.56) per share.

ABVC BioPharma (OTCMKTS:ABVCGet Rating) last issued its quarterly earnings results on Monday, November 14th. The company reported ($0.11) earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating analysts’ consensus estimates of ($0.20) by $0.09. The company had revenue of $0.04 million for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $0.03 million.

Separately, Maxim Group lowered shares of ABVC BioPharma from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating in a research note on Wednesday, November 16th.

ABVC BioPharma Stock Performance

Shares of ABVC BioPharma stock opened at $0.78 on Friday. ABVC BioPharma has a 12-month low of $0.50 and a 12-month high of $3.13. The firm has a market capitalization of $25.45 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of -1.15 and a beta of 0.50. The firm’s 50 day simple moving average is $0.75 and its two-hundred day simple moving average is $0.79.

About ABVC BioPharma

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ABVC BioPharma, Inc, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, develops drugs and medical devices to fulfill unmet medical needs in the United States. The company is developing ABV-1501, which is in Phase I/II clinical trials a combination therapy for triple negative breast cancer; ABV-1504 has completed Phase II clinical trials for major depressive disorders; ABV-1505, which is in Phase II clinical trials for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; ABV-1703 has completed Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of pancreatic cancer; ABV-1702 has completed Phase I clinical trials to treat myelodysplastic syndromes; ABV-1601 that is in Phase I/II clinical trials for treating depression in cancer patients; and ABV-1701 Vitargus for the treatment of retinal detachment or vitreous hemorrhage.

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