Oxford Nanopore Technologies (OTC:ONTTF) Now Covered by Analysts at Peel Hunt

Equities researchers at Peel Hunt started coverage on shares of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (OTC:ONTTFGet Rating) in a research note issued to investors on Friday, The Fly reports. The brokerage set a “reduce” rating on the stock.

A number of other equities analysts have also recently weighed in on the company. Berenberg Bank dropped their price target on Oxford Nanopore Technologies from GBX 671 ($8.18) to GBX 529 ($6.45) in a research note on Monday, February 13th. JPMorgan Chase & Co. lowered their target price on Oxford Nanopore Technologies from GBX 720 ($8.78) to GBX 460 ($5.61) in a research note on Tuesday, January 3rd. Finally, Barclays lowered their target price on Oxford Nanopore Technologies from GBX 420 ($5.12) to GBX 400 ($4.88) in a research note on Tuesday, February 7th.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Trading Down 4.6 %

Shares of Oxford Nanopore Technologies stock opened at $2.29 on Friday. The company’s 50-day moving average price is $2.86 and its two-hundred day moving average price is $3.02. Oxford Nanopore Technologies has a 52 week low of $2.23 and a 52 week high of $7.20.

About Oxford Nanopore Technologies

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc develops and commercializes a technology platform using nanopore-based sensing for the analysis of various types of molecules. The company offers MinION, a portable device for deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid sequencing; GridION, a self-contained benchtop device for running and analyzing up to five MinION or Flongle flow cells; MinION Mk1C for basecalling and data analysis, touchscreen operation, and wireless connectivity; Flongle, an adapter for use in MinION or GridION devices to attach a Flongle flow cell; GridION Mk1, a benchtop nanopore sequencer; PromethION 2 Solo and PromethION 2, a low-cost access to high-yield PromethION sequencing; PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 benchtop nanopore-based sequencers for multiple users to deliver multi-sample and multi-experiment sequencing results; and VolTRAX, an USB-powered device, which automates laboratory processes upstream of nanopore sequencing.

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