Missfresh (NYSE:MF) Shares Down 0.7%

Missfresh Limited (NYSE:MFGet Free Report) traded down 0.7% on Tuesday . The stock traded as low as $0.85 and last traded at $0.88. 91,221 shares changed hands during trading, a decline of 94% from the average session volume of 1,423,584 shares. The stock had previously closed at $0.89.

Missfresh Trading Up 18.2 %

The company has a fifty day simple moving average of $0.97 and a 200-day simple moving average of $0.95.

Institutional Investors Weigh In On Missfresh

Institutional investors and hedge funds have recently added to or reduced their stakes in the company. HRT Financial LP boosted its position in shares of Missfresh by 306.9% in the first quarter. HRT Financial LP now owns 242,030 shares of the company’s stock worth $304,000 after purchasing an additional 182,554 shares during the period. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. purchased a new position in shares of Missfresh during the 1st quarter valued at $200,000. Finally, Virtu Financial LLC boosted its holdings in Missfresh by 978.0% in the 2nd quarter. Virtu Financial LLC now owns 136,949 shares of the company’s stock worth $35,000 after buying an additional 124,245 shares during the period. Institutional investors own 2.09% of the company’s stock.

Missfresh Company Profile

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Missfresh Limited engages in the digital marketing solutions and private label products retail business in China. The company operates a digital platform that offers fresh produce, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, seafood, and dairy products, as well as fast-moving consumer goods, including packaged food, beverages, cosmetics, and personal care products through online ecommerce platform and distributed micro-warehouse networks.

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