AIM ImmunoTech (NYSE:AIM) Shares Up 1.9%

AIM ImmunoTech Inc. (NYSE:AIMGet Free Report) shares shot up 1.9% on Tuesday . The company traded as high as $0.46 and last traded at $0.44. 88,194 shares were traded during trading, a decline of 30% from the average session volume of 126,570 shares. The stock had previously closed at $0.43.

AIM ImmunoTech Stock Performance

The company’s 50 day moving average price is $0.46 and its 200-day moving average price is $0.51. The company has a market cap of $21.49 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of -1.02 and a beta of -0.15.

AIM ImmunoTech (NYSE:AIMGet Free Report) last posted its earnings results on Wednesday, November 15th. The company reported ($0.16) EPS for the quarter, missing the consensus estimate of ($0.11) by ($0.05). AIM ImmunoTech had a negative return on equity of 67.33% and a negative net margin of 10,764.25%. The business had revenue of $0.05 million during the quarter.

Institutional Inflows and Outflows

A number of large investors have recently added to or reduced their stakes in the business. State Street Corp raised its holdings in AIM ImmunoTech by 7.9% during the 1st quarter. State Street Corp now owns 173,103 shares of the company’s stock worth $183,000 after buying an additional 12,690 shares during the period. Renaissance Technologies LLC grew its stake in shares of AIM ImmunoTech by 23.2% in the first quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC now owns 168,708 shares of the company’s stock valued at $73,000 after buying an additional 31,800 shares in the last quarter. Virtu Financial LLC boosted its position in AIM ImmunoTech by 34.9% during the first quarter. Virtu Financial LLC now owns 50,805 shares of the company’s stock worth $54,000 after purchasing an additional 13,148 shares during the period. Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. bought a new position in AIM ImmunoTech during the first quarter worth $49,000. Finally, DRW Securities LLC acquired a new stake in shares of AIM ImmunoTech during the second quarter worth $25,000. 12.75% of the stock is currently owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

About AIM ImmunoTech

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AIM ImmunoTech Inc, an immuno-pharma company, focuses on the research and development of therapeutics to treat multiple types of cancers, viral diseases, and immune-deficiency disorders in the United States. The company's lead product candidate is Ampligen, a drug of macromolecular ribonucleic acid molecules for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

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