Stocks Take Off After FOMC, These Are The Sectors To Watch

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced yesterday that the Fed would raise interest rates another quarter percent. His press conference held after the announcement of the rate hike was another hawkish statement where he reaffirmed the Fed’s commitment to getting inflation down to their 2% target. Despite this hawkishness and raising of interest rates, which is normally not a very good sign for the economy, the market rocketed higher, giving some people pause over still calling this a bear market.

Let’s take a look at some sectors we should keep an eye on now that the market has found a little more push behind it.

Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLK)

One obvious choice for a bull run in the market is one of our favorite sectors, Technology. When the market rises like it has done, it is often the Tech Sector that is carrying much of the weight. Names like Nvidia (NVDA), Microsoft (MSFT), and Meta Platforms (META), which rose over 20% in after hours and pre-market trading on the back of their earnings report. The is definitely a sector to…

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