3 ETFs to Buy Now for Less Than $50

Although the latest 50-basis-point interest rate hike marked a decline from the 75-basis point rate hikes for four consecutive times, the Federal Reserve expects the benchmark rates to peak at about 5.1% in 2023. With the central bank intending to keep raising interest rates through 2023, the stock market will likely remain under pressure.

James Demmert, the chief investment officer at Main Street Research, has urged investors to remain cautious as recessionary fears linger. He stated, “The Fed would like inflation to settle at 2%, and it’s hard to imagine that happening without a recession and much higher unemployment.”

On the other hand, cooled inflation for two straight months raised hopes of a soft landing. Given this uncertain backdrop, exposure to bonds and dividends could help investors protect their portfolios against downside risk.

Therefore, under-$50 ETFs First Trust Low Duration Opportunities ETF (LMBS), SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg Short Term Municipal Bond ETF (SHM), and First Trust Value Line Dividend Index Fund (FVD) could be wise investments now.

First Trust Low Duration Opportunities ETF (LMBS)

LMBS invests at least 60% of its net assets (including investment borrowings) in mortgage-related debt securities and other mortgage-related instruments. The fund is actively managed and aims to…

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