Why I’m a Market Pessimist – And How I’m Protecting Myself

I would love to be an unabashed stock market bull right now.

It is very easy to be a market bull. People love a more optimistic message. If you are a market bull, you can have conversations about artificial intelligence, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and all that other exciting stuff.

Bulls promote the idea of a market rally that instills a belief that folks maybe that 401(k) will finally rally back to levels that give you the hope of retiring someday.

The truth is that I am not excited about the broader market’s current levels.

Here’s why – and what you should do about it…

I read the bullish headlines like the ones we saw last week, and Atlanta Federal Reserve Governor Raphael Bostic’s seemingly bullish remarks. He said that the Fed might be able to stop raising rates sometime this summer. He suggested that the Fed may only increase rates by 25 basis points at the next meeting. But a 25-basis point hike has been baked in for weeks; any higher projections were an outlier.

Talk about hanging your hat on a thin branch.

The same day that market bulls selectively listened to…

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