Where Is The Value? This Sector May Be The Answer

The market performance year-to-date (YTD) has been anything but bullish and in my video breakdown below I go exactly why. There are only three sectors that are positive YTD, which points, in our view, to the idea that we are still definitely in the midst of a pretty bearish market overall.

While we may not be in a textbook definition of a bear market, sinking 20% from highs, we are in a weak market. This is evidenced by the fact that Communication Services, Tech, and Consumer Discretionary are the only sectors that are squeezing out some gains for market participants. In a healthier, more bullish market you would expect to see more sectors contributing to the market going higher.

However, in a more short term view of the market, things looks like they could be bullish, at least for this week as we ended last week on a bullish note. Of the sectors mentioned above, we will be focused on Tech.

As those who have been heavily invested in the Financial sector, it seems the banking crisis has spooked many of those investors out of that sector and into another, so where did they end up?…

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