3 Discounted Tech ETFs with an “A” Power Rating

The tech sector’s performance was downright tragic last year. The Fed’s hawkish tilt to tame still-elevated inflation and growing recessionary fears continue to induce pressure on the interest-rate-sensitive sector. Yet, it is well-poised for solid long-term growth, driven by high demand for tech solutions amid rapid digital transformation across various industries and rising IT spending.

Investors are provided with a window of opportunity to snap up leading tech ETFs KraneShares CICC China 5G & Semiconductor Index ETF (KFVG), FT Cboe Vest Nasdaq-100 Buffer ETF – June (QJUN), and Global X Internet of Things ETF (SNSR) at a discount for solid long-term returns.

The technology sector grapples with various macroeconomic headwinds, including persistently high inflation, the Fed’s hawkish stance, geopolitical instability, and the prospects of a slowing economy. This led to significant share-price declines across the sector.

However, the sector seems poised to witness considerable growth in the long term, driven by the growing adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions across several industries, including retail, automotive, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and others. Advanced technologies, such as…

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