The Future of Robotics: 3 ETFs Investing in Robotic Technology

Digitization and the industry 4.0 revolution have boosted the growth of automation and robotics across industries. With the use of robotics technology expected to garner further traction in the coming years, investors could benefit from investing in ETFs that are investing in robotic technology, such as Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ – Get Rating), Robo Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF (ROBO – Get Rating), and Robo Global Artificial Intelligence ETF (THNQ – Get Rating).

Let’s discuss the prospects of the robotics industry.

Amid the increasing need for efficient production, predominantly in manufacturing automobiles, electronics, and packaged food, among others, industries are adopting innovative and automated solutions. This shift in manufacturing and production allows enterprises to complete processes in shorter timelines without significant human intervention and errors.

Robotics technology is helping maintain the quality of products by performing tasks with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Also, it is assisting companies in achieving operational efficiency by reducing dependence on labor. It also helps in saving on labor costs.

Thanks to this increased adoption of robotics, the sector is well-positioned for growth. The global industrial robotics market is expected to…

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