2 Funds Investors Can Use To Catch The Shipping Rebound

Investors are debating whether the economy is headed for a hard or soft landing. A hard landing would be a steep recession, while a soft landing is a more gradual slowdown. This uncertainty is prompting investors to closely monitor economic indicators and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, which disrupted the world’s supply chains, wreaked havoc on the transportation of commodities, exposing the fragile nature of the global supply chain. The cost of shipping cargo such as grains, raw materials, coal, and other essential goods is referred to as the dry bulk price.

Dry bulk shipping prices are a good way to measure the health of the global economy as they reflect the level of trading activity and commodity demand. When the economy is strong, and demand is high, shippers can expect an increased shipping price and vice versa, during slowdowns when global demand is weak.

Here are two ETFs that investors can use to play a recovery in shipping costs. The Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (BDRY) is an exchange-traded fund designed to reflect the daily price movements of the near-dated dry bulk freight futures.

As you can see, BDRY has dropped precipitously from its 2021 high and is now back to pre-pandemic levels. If you believe the global economy won’t slip into a recession and the continuing re-opening of China will fuel overseas commerce, this could be a good time to add this ETF to

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