William Blair Reiterates Outperform Rating for Rekor Systems (NASDAQ:REKR)

Rekor Systems (NASDAQ:REKRGet Free Report)‘s stock had its “outperform” rating reaffirmed by stock analysts at William Blair in a report released on Tuesday, Zacks.com reports. William Blair also issued estimates for Rekor Systems’ Q4 2024 earnings at ($0.05) EPS.

Rekor Systems Trading Up 9.9 %

Rekor Systems stock opened at $2.22 on Tuesday. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.23, a quick ratio of 1.01 and a current ratio of 1.22. Rekor Systems has a fifty-two week low of $1.00 and a fifty-two week high of $4.15. The stock has a market cap of $187.37 million, a P/E ratio of -2.93 and a beta of 2.13. The firm’s fifty day moving average price is $2.63 and its 200-day moving average price is $2.85.

Institutional Investors Weigh In On Rekor Systems

Several hedge funds have recently bought and sold shares of the stock. Vanguard Group Inc. boosted its holdings in shares of Rekor Systems by 5.4% in the 4th quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 2,622,488 shares of the company’s stock worth $8,733,000 after purchasing an additional 133,686 shares in the last quarter. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. boosted its stake in Rekor Systems by 24.1% in the fourth quarter. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. now owns 2,813,128 shares of the company’s stock worth $9,368,000 after buying an additional 547,085 shares in the last quarter. Sierra Summit Advisors LLC bought a new position in Rekor Systems during the fourth quarter valued at approximately $312,000. Barclays PLC raised its stake in shares of Rekor Systems by 165.9% during the fourth quarter. Barclays PLC now owns 130,804 shares of the company’s stock worth $436,000 after acquiring an additional 81,617 shares in the last quarter. Finally, Bridgeway Capital Management LLC bought a new stake in shares of Rekor Systems in the 4th quarter worth approximately $421,000. 45.71% of the stock is currently owned by institutional investors.

About Rekor Systems

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Rekor Systems, Inc, a technology company, provides intelligent infrastructure solutions for transportation management, public safety, and urban mobility markets in the United States, Canada, and internationally. It leverages AI, machine learning, and holistic data to support the intelligent infrastructure for smart mobility.

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